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13 marzo 2014

The Natural Reserve of Mount Capodarso and the southern Imera Valley


The Natural Reserve of Mount Capodarso and the southern Imera Valley


Enclosed by the Province of Enna and Caltanissetta, the Reserve covers a large part of the valley with the Salso river, which branches in the heights of Mount Sabucina, Mount Capodarso and the the Besaro bridge. Since remote centuries, the area has been the subject of human settlements from the Bronze Age to the IVth century B.C., and among them includes the ancient city of Sabucina. In addition, a great contribution to the birth of civilization in the center of Sicily is to be assigned to the river Himera that the Greeks were able to penetrate from the coast to the heart of the island, merging with local cultures. The stream is also the central border, first between the territories of indigenous peoples, the Sicani and the Sicilians, then among the great powers represented by the Greeks and Romans.

In the modern era, due to its geological chalky-sulphurous, this area, now protected, was used as a quarry of sulfur, heavely suffering the impact of mines, such as those of Trabonella and Giumentaro. Because of these, the nature of the area was subject to deep damage. In 1999 the Natural Reserve was established, «based on a management that welcomes, accompanies those traditional activities that, over time, have been the engine of the local economy» (L.A. Janni, 2002).




Distance in kilometers from Piazza Armerina: 53 Km


From Piazza Armerina. Exit Piazza Armerina and take the SP15 towards Villa Romana del Casale. Continue along the SP15 for about 17 km towards Barrafranca. Turn left and take the SP12 in the direction of Barrafranca for about 2 km later, turn slightly to the right and head towards the SS191 in the direction of Pietraperzia. After about 10 km you will reach the town of Pietraperzia. After crossing it (Viale Guglielmo Marcomi – Viale della Pace), turn right, towards the E931. Go ahead and take junction Palermo / Catania, proceeding on the SS626. Continue on SS626 and turn right towards Nature Reserve of the Monte Capodarso and Imera Valley. Turn slightly left at the stop sign and take the SS122 in the direction of Caltanissetta.


Car and motorcycle. Yes.

Public transport. Yes.

Mountain bike or racing bike. Yes, equipping the vehicle with warning lights. It is advisable to reach by bike to the archaeological site of Sabucina only to experts.


Mountain bike o bici da corsa. Sì, attrezzando il mezzo con luci di segnalazione. Si consiglia il raggiungimento in bici del sito archeologico di Sabucina solo ad esperti.