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13 marzo 2014

The Natural Reserve “Mount Altesina”


The Natural Reserve “Mount Altesina”


Formerly known as Mons Aerus, Mount Altesina is, with its two peaks reaching 1192 me 1180 m altitude, the highest point of Erei. From its top, the Saracens divided Sicily into three valleys! Characterized by beautiful nature and fascinating historical roots, is, as always, one of the most popular destinations of travelers. The Natural Reserve “Mount Altesina” offers striking views in the silence stretches of the Sicilian hinterland.




Distance in kilometers from Piazza Armerina: about 48 Km


From Piazza Armerina. Leaving Viale Gaeta in Piazza Armerina north, take the exit for SS117bis. Then, take the SS117bis for 8.3 km and then turn right again towards the Sp4. Continue along the Sp4 and turn left and continue on towards Floristella Viadotto Ramata Secondo. Take the SS561 and cross the first roundabout. At about 9 km, turn right and take the SS117 bis. Turn left after about 3.5 km away and intruding on SS121. Go ahead and take the first right onto SS290. After traveling 3.5 km, turn right again, continuing on the SP63, and after 600 m turn left onto the SP80. After 8.5 km, turn right.


Car and motorcycle. Yes.

Public transport. No.

Mountain bike or racing bike.Yes, equipping the vehicle with warning lights and only for experts.