The Goddesses’ Land

The Goddesses’ Land

The “Myth of Nature” in the heart of Sicily


The Goddesses Land is a journey of discovery in the heart of Sicily, between history archeology and landscape on the subject of birth and rebirth of nature. And it’s in this part of the island, in the ancient tradition, was the scene of the mythical story of the gods Demeter and Kore, which has its origin in the Seasons Cycle. A fascinating journey into the mythology that unites the lives of people who lived in the center of Sicily, influenced, in productive activities, the passage of time and weather conditions, as it was believed, were determined from the goodwill of the divine forces.

The route starts from the Villa Romana del Casale, and deepens, by reading some adorned poetical inspiration, the importance of the time schedule that regulates human existence and the cycle of nature. The story progresses through the various personifications of the seasons, inspired by the mythological stories of the Metamorphoses, to penetrate into the country in search of places of the myth of Demeter and Kore, such as Lake Pergusa, or to discover the roots of the cult of the two divinitys, the heart of the ancient people of religious Sicilian hinterland. A journey among the most remote area, which brings in places filled with history and a deep devotion of the people, from the top of Mount Sabucina, borderland, in ancient times, among the native Sicilian civilizations and the reckless Greek settlers, the Sicilian city of Morgantina was theater of a historical and cultural story, also, in his precious relics preserved in the nearby village of Aidone, up to the glories of the sanctuary of Cerere in Enna, where in Roman times, its reinterpreted, the cult of Demeter.







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