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13 marzo 2014

The Demaniale forest and the relief of “Mount Navone”


The Demaniale forest and the relief of “Mount Navone”


To the west of Piazza Armerina, Mount Navone stands imperious, among plowed fields, south of the Villa Romana del Casale, reaching 754 meters above sea level. Belonging to the chain of Erei, the relief consists of sandy deposits, clays and silty sands of the Pleistocene period. A legend surrounds the mysterious paths and ancient history lingers among the top of its rocks.




Distance in kilometers from Piazza Armerina: about 12 km from the Villa Romana del Casale, Mount Navone is only 9 Km.


From Piazza Armerina. Exit Piazza Armerina and take the SP15 towards Villa Romana del Casale. Continue along the SP15 for about 8 km towards Barrafranca. Finally, on the left, take the provincial road SP36 towards Mazzarino. The entrance to Mount Navone is on the right about 1.6 Km.


Car and motorcycle. Yes.

Public transport. No.

Mountain bike or racing bike. Yes, by equipping the vehicle with warning lights. Please note: the trail to climb to the top has important slope and rough road and it is not really suitable for bikers.