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13 marzo 2014

The castle of Falconara

cronacheTo the south, including in areas within the municipality of Butera, stands the Castle of Falconara, an important fortress that overlooks the sea, which in historical times was the role of lookout for the defense of the southern coast of Sicily. According to historical records, in spite of its complex structure, the nucleus of the castle was a tower, built during the early years of the XVth century and strongly supported by King Martino I. Over the centuries, the owners of the castle were the lords of Butera, Santapau first and then the Branciforte. In the XIXth century, the fortress was brought as a dowry from her aristocrat husband Branciforte, Count Wilding, a German officer, who in 1848 sold the castle in Falconara to Antonio Chiaramonte Bordonaro.