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12 marzo 2014

The ancient city of Morgantina

Faith and worship in the city of Morgeti


Morgantina, from its Sicilian- greek origins, was to be one of the most important and powerful towns of central Sicily. Of this archaeological site, thanks to thirty years of study, we know the most important events, from the earliest settlements to the permanent abandonment. Significant traces from the past, such as the various sanctuaries of Morgantina, tracing the history of the cult of Demeter and Kore as gods feared and respected, adored and honored.




Distance in kilometers from Piazza Armerina: about 10 km.


Piazza Armerina. By P. Armerina north (Via Gaeta General) continue straight for about 2.6 km, turn right onto SS288 for 6.6 km Once in Aidone, where the Museum is (Largo Torres Trupia), go to the site of Morgantina from Piazza Filippo Cordova, take the 3rd exit and continue along the SS288. Finally, after a long descent, turn left and follow the signs to Morgantina.


Car and motorcycle. Yes.

Public transport. Yes.

Mountain bike or road bike. Yes, by equipping the vehicle with lights. It is advisable to reach by bike to the archaeological site only to experts.