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16 marzo 2014

Pietraperzia, the town on the rock

Along the road that leads to Sabucina, you encounter some countries, such as Barrafranca and Pietraperzia. The second one, in particular, becomes a must to achieve Sabucina because, through his inner paths, shows a wide range of cultural and natural offers. The story of Pietraperzia begins since prehistoric times and are about 50 archaeological sites identified in its territory. Originally frequented by the Sicani, then by the Sicilians, and ultimately from the Greeks, the landscapes that surround the town of Pietraperzia live in an ancestral and original charm, full of spurs and rocky plateaus, shelter for thousands of years of human destination for civilization and, today, hikers and lovers of exploration. Inside, Pietraperzia offers the warmth of a serene and peaceful small town, valuable for its ancient churches and the castle of the noble Barresi family, now in ruins, from the top you can relax your gaze on to the valley, crossed by the Salso river.

Known throughout the world, the most important folk tradition of Pietraperzia is a religious procession through the streets of the town on Good Friday: “lu Signuri di li fasci.”