Naturalmente – Eng


The paths of “otium” between nature and culture


“NaturaLmente” is the suggested route for those who want to “laze” … but in the Roman way! Citizens of Urbs, in fact, distinguished the negotium, the moment the business and work, from otium, defined as the time for rest and tranquillity, of philosophy and arts, of nature and culture.

The Naturalistic and Nature Reserves, surrounding the Archaeological Park of the Villa Romana del Casale invite, to establish an intimate dialogue with those lush and unspoiled places that, even in ancient times, the inhabitants of Sicily led to believe that here the Spring was born.

Mythical lakes, enchanted mountains and enchanting woods become a wonderful setting for outdoor activities: walking, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, running, bird watching, horse riding, are just a few examples to delve into an alternative trip into contact with still untouched landscapes .

Good «otium cum dignitate»! (Cicero, De Oratore)







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