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13 marzo 2014

Natural Reserve of Rossomanno


Natural Reserve of Rossomanno, Grottascura, Bellia and the Ronza Park


“Green lung” of the city of Piazza Armerina, the Natural Reserve of Rossomanno, Grottascura, Bellia and the forest are the refuge for many fans of outdoor sports, such as cross-country running and mountain biking. Several paths create a network of trails for all difficulty from leisurely walks to adventurous excursions. The well-equipped area of the Ronza Park and the archaeological area of Rossomanno, the Reserve is the natural habitat for those who love the uniqueness of the environment and its changing landscapes.




Distance in kilometers from Piazza Armerina: about 2.5 km


From Piazza Armerina. Viale Generale Gaeta in Piazza Armerina, continue for about 1 km from the Armerino center entrance to the reserve is on the right (Ex slaughter).


Car and motorcycle. Yes.

Public transport. No.

Mountain bike or racing bike. Yes, equipping the vehicle with warning lights.