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12 marzo 2014

Mount Navone

Mount Navone: mystery, history and hiking


After passing most of the road, shortly after the area of the Villa Romana del Casale, you can immediately see one of the most majestic mountains of Sicily Mount Navone. Surrounded by an aura of mystery to the legends of which he is the protagonist, this elevation, belonging to the Erei mountains, was attended by man from ancient times (certainly from the VIth century B.C.) to the Middle Ages, when the village that stood on the top was destroyed and razed to the ground following the ups and downs of the War of the Vespers.

For lovers of trekking, Mount Navone offers, with its inner paths, a nice hike up to the top, where you can have a splendid view, 360 °, on the whole area of central Sicily, identifying several towns such as Piazza Armerina, Mazzarino, Barrafranca, Pietraperzia, Caltanissetta, San Cataldo.