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12 marzo 2014

Archaeological Museum of Enna in the Varisano Palace

museiArchaeological Museum of Enna in the Varisano Palace (Piazza Mazzini)


The Archaeological Museum of Enna is located in a prestigious palace of the XVIII century, belonged to the ancient and noble families of Leto, the Petroso and, at last, of Varisano, from which it takes its name, and built on a more antique area of the XIV century, of which traces still remain on the ground floor. The patrician residence overlooking Piazza Mazzini, sharing it with the Cathedral of Enna. According to historical chronicles, August 13, 1863, Giuseppe Garibaldi, as a guest of the anti-Bourbon Varisano, gave the speech that ended with «… or Rome or death».

The museum’s collections illustrate the phases of the prehistoric age, classical and medieval archaeological sites in the Province of Enna. In particular, to the archaeological area of Enna is an entire room is reserved with finds from the greek indigenous necropolis (V-VI century B.C.) in the Pisciotto district, close to the mountain on which the city it was founded, in the district of Ninfa and other from various private collections, such as “Bruno”. An entire room is dedicated to Pergusa, with artifacts found in the areas around the lake, as Cozzo Matrice. Other archaeological findings, well exposed in the different rooms, come from a number of municipalities and towns of central Sicily, as Assoro, Rossomanno, Calascibetta, Pietraperzia, Agira, Capodarso and Cerami.


Useful information. Archaeological Museum of Palazzo Varisano. Piazza Mazzini, 8, 94100, Enna. Switchboard: + 39 0935076304 - 


Time of admission to the museum and the archaeological site: from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm Saturdays, Sundays and holidays closed.