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12 marzo 2014

Archaeological Museum of Caltanissetta

museiThe Archaeological Museum of Caltanissetta


Many of the artifacts found in the archaeological site of Sabucina, including votive offerings objects, are preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Caltanissetta, located in via Santo Spirito. The rich collection of the museum traces the history of the ancient settlements of the urban and suburban Caltanissetta, from prehistoric time to Late Antiquity.


Useful information. Archaeological Museum of Caltanissetta. Via Santo Spirito, 93100, Caltanissetta. Switchboard: + 39 0934 5670 62 – E-mail: /

Time of admission to the museum: is open every day (from 9am to 1pm and from 3,30pm to 7pm), the last Monday of the month is always closed.