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12 marzo 2014

Archaeological Area of ​​Cozzo Matrice

archeologiaIn Pergusa, the Cave of Pluto between archeology and trekking


 At Lake Pergusa, the ancient tradition describes the real presence of the cave from which emerged Hades to kidnap the young goddess. Diodoro Siculo speaks of it as a «large cavern in which there is a chasm that leads underground to the north» (Diodoro Siculo, Historical Library). According to scholars, the cave is to be found at Cozzo Matrice, hill at north of the Pergusa Lake, where it was unearthed a prehistoric settlement of the III and II millennium B.C. and was inhabited by a hellenized native settlement (VI-V century B.C.). Among the findings, Cozzo Matrice is archaeologically characterized by the presence of the sacred sites devoted to the cult of Demeter and Kore.